QuickGa.me: Web Based 3D Multiplayer Game Engine and Hosting Platform!

Im finally ready to start talking about a project I’ve been working on for a year now: https://quickga.me

You can see the twitter announcement here that has a video:

Basically it’s a full game editor built in react and renders using BabylonJS! It handles all the hard and annoying parts of web based 3d multiplayer game development so you never need to worry about things like syncing your state, tweaking your shaders, building lobbies, in app purchases, etc. All you need to do is build the most fun game you can.

Once your game is ready you can publish it to the QuickGa.me website for anyone to play! The goal is to market the site pretty hard with the hope that it becomes the hub for playing quick multiplayer games on the web or on your phone.

This project would not be 10% of where it is without Babylon, so as much as this is a demo post, its also a thank you!

I’m almost ready to open up the beta for game developers so if you are interested drop your email at https://quickga.me and I will keep you posted!


Woot!! This is awesome

Cc @PirateJC to integrate it on our homepage and @syntheticmagus who could be interested for our golden paths!

@dested feel free to cc @babylonjs on your tweets so we can retweet you!!

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Thanks, will do!! We’re not quite ready for release yet, but we get closer every day! Feel free to reach out directly if you are actually interested in showcasing it in some way, I can put together some prettier assets!

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Super cool! :star_struck:

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@dested this is awesome!

This is really awesome!

Do you have any objection to us adding this to the community page and tweeting about it?

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Thanks!! Nothing would make me happier! I’ll reach out to you!

w0000t you made my day !!!

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Still not quite ready but I figured I’d bump with a brand new teaser! We should be ready for a beta in the next month or so, be sure to sign up on https://QuickGa.me for the latest updates (and play around with the beta site a bit)!

I can’t overstate how none of this would be possible without the power that BabylonJS provides. I am eternally grateful for this project.


Wow, What an incredible amount of work :nerd_face: (and luv :face_holding_back_tears:) you must have put into this. I’m stunned and speachless :astonished: Now, I have to go back work my own projects because, clearly, they’re just not up to the challenge :melting_face:

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It’s getting better and better!

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This is mighty impressive.

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Another tutorial/teaser of building a web based 3d multiplayer game!

Make A Web Based 3D Multiplayer Soccer Game In Under 9 Minutes

I’m still looking for beta testers, you can sign up by clicking create a new game here: QuickGa.me or shoot me a DM and I’ll put you on the list!

Take a look at the 40 second version here:

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The June Game showcase is out for QuickGame! You can play most of them at https://quickga.me.

Beta signups to playtest the fully featured web based game editor are going out soon, and there are a limited number of slots available, so get in while you can! Experience with JavaScript is recommended but not required. Just have a fun multiplayer quick game idea! https://forms.gle/Yoos726wCG6eh5cx7

QuickGame was made using the BabylonJS engine, and there would be no way I’d make it this far without it. I am eternally grateful for it.

This looks great. I was looking for some place for hosting js games like this. Will the users be able to host js game not created with the editor?


The platform is specifically built to host the multiplayer games built using the editor unfortunately, but the editor and engine is powerful enough to build most any type of game!

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@dested Throwing a little love your way on twitter! :wink:


Hey everyone! Checking back in since we have finally launched our beta for the editor! Things are a bit rough around the edges but we’re seeing devs make some really cool games!

You can go to https://quickga.me/beta to try out the editor, read the docs, go through the tutorials, and make a 3d multiplayer game without the overhead of being a rocket scientist!

We’re also kinda gaining some traction on tiktok (blah I know) if you want to give it a follow to see some games made by fellow devs: https://www.tiktok.com/@quickgamedev/, and we might even feature your game!

You can see a fallguys game we made in about 30 minutes during a live stream! https://twitter.com/dested/status/1558456086063190017

If you have questions or bugs you can message me here, or join our discord (it’s on the beta page) and I should be able to help you immediately.

Really excited to see your creations!