University contest - developing a 3D game with babylonjs - Games On Web 2023

Hello everyone, to validate our first year of Master’s degree in MIAGE, we will participate in a competition called Games On Web with CGI using babylonjs. We will try to keep this topic updated to allow other people to follow our progress. Since we will likely need to ask questions, we want to share the benefits with as many people as possible.

We are sharing the link to our Github page where we have uploaded the game. It is not much at the moment, but we plan to make significant modifications in the coming weeks!

PS: We would like to thank everyone who contributed to Babylon.js, especially the Getting Started section, which helped us start our project with ease.


Welcome @Theo_Pess, to the Babylon.js Community and good luck for the creation of you game. FYI @sebavan - as he a contributor to this contest if I recall correctly.


Hello @Theo_Pess and nice to meet you, and as @thomlucc mentioned I might see you in a couple weeks IRL :slight_smile: do not hesitate to ask if you are blocked on something.


Thank you :smile: @thomlucc @sebavan , we won’t hesitate to reach out to you if needed.


Welcome to the community and good luck on the contest! Definitely reach out to Seb as he’s the coolest :smiley:

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