React-babylonjs v1.0

Finally a 1.0 for the ‘react-babylonjs’ NPM; Nearly a complete rewrite with two major changes:

  1. Most of the code for the project is now generated from an AST (TypeScript compiler using the *.ts babylon NPM .ts typings). This expanded the API coverage a lot - writing this by hand would have been error prone and overly time consuming (although writing the code generator perhaps took more time! :)).
  2. ‘react-reconciler’ is used to render scenes. Previously React components and their lifecycle methods were used for rendering and parent/child relationships. A custom React renderer now does the creation and diffing via generated code and BabylonJS objects are host components.

The generated code opens up new possibilities. In the future I’d like to look at working on a Web Components project from generated code, so pure html/static websites can easily add BabylonJS. The next major version will generate descriptor files, which I hope can be used for other projects to integrate BabylonJS easily.


Congrats this is really cool! This deserves a page in our official documentation