Hello guys i am new to react-babylon
i am getting plugin error in official codesandbox demo- can someone help

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You need to import from @babylonjs/loaders so it loads the necessary plugins for glTF files: codesandbox-react-jsx (forked) - CodeSandbox


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How did you find an official demo? Just checking in case the template needs an update. Thanks

Thank you so much , it is now working

Yes few small things in example code ,
In official code template ,loader was not imported although the example was working on webite, but when i tested in codesand-box it throws an plugin error , @carolhmj helped
, and told the loaders need to be imported,
Also we need to check that every codesandbox example is working or not,since multiple example are not working
For Example-

in this example , it is shown working in doc page ,but not in codeSand-box

is giving this error
Could not find module in path: β€˜@babylonjs/core/Cameras/VR/webVRCamera.js’ relative to β€˜/node_modules/react-babylonjs/dist/react-babylonjs.js’

@carolhmj can you please guide me through above example too

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The WebVR modules were recently removed as they are obsolete. Does react-babylon import them? @brianzinn

Yes. I’m working on a fix. Just did a PR for core. Need to fix my GitHub action to make the new release and then those imports will be removed

It’s working with react-babylonjs v3.1.23. Removing the webVR Camera was a breaking change in @babylonjs/core on latest version.

codesandbox-react-jsx (forked) - CodeSandbox

If there is anything else let us know. Cheers.


Sure will go through doc , will update you if any issue is their