Recast with WebPack5

Hey guys!
I was forced to upgrade my project to Quasar2 (Vue3) which comes with WebPack5. The previous version of Quasar used WebPack4. The only thing I needed to change was to:

npm i --save-dev node-polyfill-webpack-plugin

and add this to the quasar.config.js file:

chainWebpack(chain) {
  const nodePolyfillWebpackPlugin = require('node-polyfill-webpack-plugin')
extendWebpack(cfg) {
  cfg.resolve.fallback = {
    fs: false

No other changes to recast needed with this setup: RecastJSPlugin, Typescript, ES6

If you are using webpack without any other framework like Quasar the approach is similar, just tweak the webpack config in a similar way.