receiveShadows/Light not working

I’m experiencing a strange issue with some CreateBoxes.
They are not effected by light, but do create shadows on other meshes.
I’m creating a dynamic building, so that the CreateBoxes represent walls, and i’m using a multi-dimensional array to store the map and name the mesh. So a front facing wall in cell(x,z,y) is created using wall0[z][y] = new Mesh etc. , right facing is wall1[… rear is wall2 etc etc.
Other meshes created exactly the same way, ie doors, windows, floor and ceiling are working correctly.
Am I missing something obvious ?
The light source is Directional Light pointing at 0,0,0 but rotates around the building like the sun.
Unfortunately project is too complicated to host in playground but is hosted at Dynamic VR Gallery

Will be hard to debug a production website. It also seems like you are loading each assets we offer, both the max and the min version:

I am also getting an error when loading it:


It would be great if you could reproduce this or provide a simpler way to debug this (babylon code only, no other influence).

I’ve found a way around the issue.
If I add a texture and set
wallMaterial.diffuseTexture.hasAlpha = true;
wallMaterial.useAlphaFromDiffuseTexture = true;
… it works again.

Oops !! Cut and paste error :wink:
I’ve removed the duplicated scripts.
Could that have been causing the issue ?

… also been working on the production site all afternoon so might have momentarily introduced the error.
Should be ok now.