"Rectangle.descendantsOnlyPadding = true;" function is not applied

Touch does not work when you enable the descendantsOnlyPadding function, such as PlayGround…
Am I wrong?

What do you mean by “touch”? Is it mesh picking?

“touch” refers to drag&drop, click by clicking on the UI inside the scene!(●’◡’●)

Oh, so just to check what you’re trying to do, you want to click on the scene’s UI and drag it to outside the scene?

Yes! You’re probably right to interpret it. I’m sorry for replying late.Haha

I’m still not very sure on what you are trying to do on this example. :upside_down_face: Are you trying to implement drag and drop functionality with the GUI, but descendantsOnlyPadding interferes with it? Can you show an example where drag and drop works without descendantOnlyPadding, but not with it?

I’m sorry for the late reply ╯︿╰
I want to use functions such as touch and drag and drop in UI, too! Isn’t this trigger for “downstream padding”?

Sorry, but I’m still not sure about what the descendantsOnlyPadding has to do with it :sweat_smile:

Hmm. I also don’t really get it (sry). Currently, your root container has no padding. How can apply padding to descendants?