RedBull F1 Demo 🏎️

Hello all,

This is a quick demo I have created showcasing RedBull F1 Car with procedural generated race track.

Demo URL:

Controls PC

  • W,S,A,D or arrow keys for driving
  • Press F to change Driver or Free Camera

if you are using smartphone simply tilt your phone to steer and accelerate car.

Drive through Rings to Score :slight_smile:


It is beautiful!! @PirateJC

I would simply suggest to add a loading donut to indicate that models are loading (it took a few seconds here with simply text and black background and I was wondering if it was broken)

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@HiteshSahu This looks really beautiful! Any objection to me adding it to the community page?

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@PirateJC sure no problems. @Deltakosh thanks for the suggestion, I have added a loading screen.


Should be live shortly!

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Awesome thanks @PirateJC :slight_smile:

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