Reducing drawcalls as much as possible


I have this model of a pickup car in blender and as you can see in the screenshot it has a pickup model and 4 child wheel models.

When I look at the drawcalls, I see 5 of them.

These 5 models all share the same model, and still 5 drawcalls are used. Is that normal?
I understand that in blender I could join the 4 wheels to the pickup body and probably it will only be 1 drawcall, but then I cannot rotate the wheels independently.

Can I somehow reduce drawcalls here?

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Perhaps 3 draw calls, one for the body, and one for each axle. True, each set of wheels would have to turn at the same time, so not accurate for front wheels when turning, but I do not know how important that would be to you.

You also might wish to smooth shade the tires, which would make them look more round without increasing face count.

OK, so the main target for me is to try to combine everything I possibly have which can be 1 object.

Is there a way in babylon for example that I can instruct through code for these 4 wheels to be joined to the main body and form 1 mesh for 1 drawcall ? I do understand that in that case the wheels won’t be able to turn, but thats not the main issue here :wink:

Try Mesh.MergeMeshes: Merge Meshes - Babylon.js Documentation