RefractionTexture affected by imageprocessing in DefaultRenderingPipeline


I have created a refractive but very transparent PBRMaterial, which is barely visible (mainly only by the distortion caused by the refraction, i.e. something glass-like).
However when I add the DefaultRenderingPipeline to the scene, the refraction becomes significantly darker. If I would guess, it seems that the DefaultRenderingPipeline is also applied to the content of the RefractionTexture.

I have modified the Alpha fresnel Playground example in order to demonstrate that issue:
Alpha fresnel | Babylon.js Playground (

line 65 holds a boolean value for enabling/disabling the DefaultRenderingPipeline. If it is set to false, the refractive disc is barely distinguishable from the background - which is what I want to achieve (btw. setting metallic to 0 makes the disc completely disappear when the DefaultRenderingPipeline is off).

Thanks for any advice

As you are using image processing in post process, the actual texture is rendered in linear space so you can flag it as such: refractionTexture.gammaSpace = false;


Hello sebavan,

That solves the issue!