Yo yo what it is looking this is DJ Cryptovoxels looking for project review

Yo yo this is your boy DJ Cryptovoxels, don’t forget to like and subscribe and ring the bell.

We’re Cryptovoxels, a startup building a virtual world using BabylonJS 4. We’re looking for a super experienced babylonjs developer to do a short term contract reviewing our code base in terms of performance and give us some pointers how to reduce jank (dropped frames) and memory usage, as well as graphics tweaks we could do to make everything look better.

Some of the problems we have:

  • Streaming content in (world is constantly being loaded and unloaded)
  • Collisions
  • Custom shaders

Would love a really experienced babylon dev to give us a review of our code and give us some directions of what to improve.

Remote ok, must be able to have some hours crossover with us (NZDT).



ios is now webgl2 compatible!!!

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Yes I saw that! I wonder if we should just switch straight over? Texture arrays yo!


Love what you are up to with CV! Deeply inspiring stuff.

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