Remove annotations from example scene

when starting Babylon.js Windows App, I get an example scene with several annotations like “Documentation (Double Click)”, “Drop Particle System” or “PBR Material”. Well, when I delete all objects, those annotations still remain. Where do I have to search for them?

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Do you have a playground we could look at to help?

Unfortunately, no. Playground comes with a different example. I am aware I can just start a new project, but I am trying to understand what they are.

It looks like you are using the editor ???

Summoning @julien-moreau the editor master.

Yes, it’s Babylon.js Editor 3.2.0 - sorry, that’s what I meant with Windows App. I can delete all visible objects but the annotations seem to come from somewhere else.

They are looking like GUI elements so probably somewhere in the editor :slight_smile: but @julien-moreau will know for sure.

Hey @Kruspe!
This scene is loaded by default as a « welcome scene » to try tools, learn, etc. I suggest, for a new project, that you start from en empty scene.
To do that, just click the toolbar « Project -> Empty scene… »
Then you add every objects you want and edit without any annotation :slight_smile:


Thank you, I already thought something like this, but now I have certainty.