Removing GUI.Rectangle color, or adding an image to InputText?

I’m currently attempting to design a login screen for my game, I’m unable to add an image to inputText, So I’ve made a rectangle container, and added the image, and inputText there.

is there a way to remove the white box around everything? All I’ve been able to do is change the color, or change the alpha (which affects the image and inputText too…).

Am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks in advance.


just thickness = 0

@Deltakosh thank you so much! I feel silly not being able to find that lol.

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@Deltakosh while we’re here, is there a way to remove the focused background of inputText/inputPassword? Also, does thickness work for all containers?

You should be able to set inputText.focusedBackground = null

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Thank you, that worked. :slight_smile:

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