GUI Input with transparent Background

Hi there,
i’m trying to make an inputText with transparent background. I’m using the technique of inserting the input inside a rectangle like i succesfully did for buttons, but the behaviour is a little bit different.
The transparent background is ok, but i don’t understand how to show text fully opaque.
The goal is to show the border and the text fully opaque and only background transparent.
This is my PG:
Maybe can help @Evgeni_Popov :slight_smile:


you could use rgba(0,255,0,0.2) instead of green as background color

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From the manual they say that color properties must be string.

“rgba(0,255,0,0.2)” is a string

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Thankyou @Kesshi,
i thought you were referring to Color4. I didn’t know that i could use that notation. :wink: