Removing observable not working

I have an onBeforeRenderObservable started right like in this playground

and after a condition is met I stop it with

however it just never stops, no matter what I try,
what could be the reasons for it not stopping?

thank you ,sorry cannot make a playground of the exact scenario as its all embedded on a very large codebase, just looking for some tips of why it may not stop

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well the PG works right? SO I guess something is wrong inside your code with your condition :frowning:

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@Deltakosh I agree, but I am so puzzled,there is no condition anymore etc, I just put a button, and I do this:

if (props.desState === false){
derObs=sceneHolder.onAfterRenderObservable.add(() => {
else {
var removed= sceneHolder.onBeforeRenderObservable.remove(derObs);
console.log("removed?: "+removed);

if you click button start it, if you click it again, stop it

and the removal command returns false, it just fails, so puzzled

found the reason, I was mixing events, onAfterRenderObservable with beforeRender! mamma mia,
thank you, solved :slight_smile: