Rendering "simple" sprocket with 80 teeth

I am working on my final test to make sure BABYLON is a good fit for my application, and am running into difficulty with processing speed. I know CSG is SLOW. But I didn’t realize how slow until I tried the attached playground. Heads up, you will be waiting 5-10 minutes before it will render the sprocket. Any ideas what I can do to DRAMATICALLY speed this up? I need this to process within a few seconds, not minutes. I know this is probably not going to happen, but wanted to see if there are any ideas here before I give up. I appreciate any and all help!

you perform the boolean after each rotation of the extrusion object , so you are performing 80 boolean operation on the mesh and each time this operation grows in complexity. Logic tells me to rather prepare the extrusion object with all geometry and perform the boolean once?

EDIT , proof is in the pudding…

here you go:


You are very, very, very awesome!!! thank you! Yes, that did the trick.

all good , glad it is sorted out , you can add the bore mesh to the extrusions as well , sorry i only looked at that part after i sent the PG , here it is with that included as well …