Request - API Doc index/sidebar Filter

First off, thank you for the documentation update. I’m glad that the tutorials are cleaned up, it’ll help a lot.

I wanted to point out one of my more common uses of the docs and ask for a little help in cleaning up this workflow. Say I wanted to look up the Scene Class API doc. First, I would go to BABYLON | Babylon.js Documentation and I’m presented with an absolutely massive list of classes, so I have to ctrl-f and search “Scene”. This only highlights all the instances of Scene, and the first is not the one I’m looking for. Next, I have to scroll through this massive list and find the cluster of Scene* classes to find the original Scene class, then click on it.

I think that a text field that filters the items down would help out a lot. Both on the index and the sidebar.

Why not using the Search entry and click “API only”?

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That is a start. Then I get into the Scene docs and am presented with another wall of properties and methods that would benefit from a filter box. It’s not easy to consume that much information, it’s gotta be broken down.

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I recently learned about getAbsolutePivotPoint and thought it would be another good example of being able to filter these giant lists of classes/functions/properties. I tried searching “pivotpoint” and that returns absolutely nothing

Search page | Babylon.js Documentation (I searched with the API Docs only check on, idk if this url includes that)

If I could go to the Mesh api doc and filter the class by “pivotpoint” I would have a list of everything with pivotpoint in it, including getabsolutepivotpoint. I would have found that quicker this way.

I am thinking this function would be convenient enough that I might create an extension for myself.

Adding @RaananW about the doc

Sure, if it makes sense we can add this! we are using tsdoc to generate the documentation, using an augmented version of their default theme. Augmented is the key here - I am adding items post-generation. I can add a filter as well. Want to create an issue in the documentation page? this way we can track this.

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I made a firefox extension to do this, and it’s great. Gonna be much easier to find what I want. See this example where I attempt to find ‘pivot’ in the Mesh api doc:

I don’t intend to distribute this since it’s pretty hacky and I’m hoping a first-party solution comes soon. If you want to see it in action yourself, here’s the repo:

You can load this extension this way: