Resizing of floor

Hi All,
I am Mohit Choudhary I want to resize the floor as well as resizing the equipments inside the floor whenever I am dragging the floor.
How to achieve that?
Can anyone able to help me please?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello Mohit Choudhary,

We will probably need a bit more information before we can help you with your question. A simple playground, a few screenshot, a better explanation of your use case. anything that can help us understand what you are trying to achieve.

Try parenting all nodes you want to resize with the floor to the floor.


Hello @RaananW. Please find the screenshot below:

Like in the below image I have the floor and inside the floor I am having multiple equipments so if I am resizing the floor by using bounding box gizmo the equipments inside the floor also should be resized.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile: .

@sokorototo would do if you want to resize everything the same way :slight_smile: Nice and Simple

Please tell me the way how I will be able to achieve that?


Here is some documentation

Thank you so much @sokorototo for helping me out.:slight_smile:

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