Right mouse click & Double click on Touch Devices

Hi there
I have a scenario where I need to use this function when I single click
var pickInfo = scene.pick(scene.pointerX, scene.pointerY, function (mesh) { return mesh.isPickable == true ; });
I need a scenario when I double click or right click to divert to another function.
On touch devices PEP polyfill doesn’t seem to support canvas.addEventListener(“dblclick”, function (e) { }.
Right mouse click doesn’t seem to be working on touch devices when I press and hold the screen and try to catch the action using evt.button == 2 in onpointerdown.

BABYLON.ActionManager.OnDoublePickTrigger works fine on touch devices but is limited to meshes and not the scene (am i correct?) and i don’t want to create an action on every mesh in the scene…

What about using DOUBLETAP?


Yes, doubletap solves the issue of not requiring to add a trigger on every mesh (OnDoublePickTrigger), but doesn’t seem to have the respective mouse double click listener.

Tap is meant to be for mouse and for touch and on my computer double clicking generates a doubletap.