Ripple effect when meshes collide

Hello guys,
I am working on a simple game just to get to know babylonjs better, and Im stuck with how to achieve a ripple effect when a mesh drops on some surface. Have anybody done something similar or can guide where to start?


Something like that?
You should ping him on twitter :wink:


Oh yeah, that is really cool!

I figured out also to port to a babylonjs shader somehow this solution:

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That would take like 20 mins to convert to a postProcess

Look up the shadertalk thread, we go over shadertoy conversions

As I understand, going with postprocessing, I would end up with having the effect ‘sticked’ to the camera, right? So if I wanted this effect being ‘populated’ to a plane, I would need to stick to converting to a BJS shader?

Thanks for mentioning the shadertalk thread, I’ll definitely dive deeper into that conversion part!