Rotating bone does not change the avatar

Hi, I exported a blender avatar to babylon and try to control the skeleton. I use the following code

newScene.getBoneByName('ORG-hand.L').setRotationQuaternion(BABYLON.Quaternion.FromEulerAngles(0, 0, Math.PI), BABYLON.Space.LOCAL, newScene.meshes[7]);

and then I print out the rotation of the bone, I get

{_isDirty: true, _x: -0, _y: 0, _z: 3.141592653589793}

which is as expected.

However, the avatar is not changed at all. I feel like there is something missing but I could not tell.

In blender, when I rotate the hand, I can see the hand is actually moving as follow.

Can anyone please help.

Please find the example of the issue in

Try to rotate skeleton | Babylon.js Playground

I think I got it. I was using a wrong bone, I should use DEF-hand.L to control it. Can anyone please confirm? Thank you

Yes, it seems DEF-hand.L is ok but the best way to know is to test!

Thank you @Evgeni_Popov , tested and the avatar is moving