Save material properties

How do I save the material properties I make from the UI? For example, I change the metallic/roughness value of the shoe (link) but it seems I must add line of code in order to make it permanent. Similarly, if I have to add a roughness texture, I still have to link it from code. Is there any way to avoid this?

You can try to use the scene recorder:

However, it won’t work for texture changes, for eg.

Hi thank you for your reply. For testing, I tried to fade out the sphere with its alpha to half from the UI menu. Then I tried saving the playground (Ctrl + S) but it did not perform any delta capture of the scene. How does this work?

The delta are in the delta variable in your code.

As I can see it, your code is working as expected, after applying the delta, you come back to a scene with a red clear color, no ground and a new light.

If you want to use the inspector to generate the delta file, you can do it this way: Applying Delta Changes To A Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

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