Saving particle system on the server using another app

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I’m trying to let users edit particle systems and then save them to the snippet server from within our application, but when they save to the snippet server we get CORS errors.

Is there a way to allow users use the snippet server and save them on our app?

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Nope, this is by design to control our cost and prevent random data being stored there as much as we can :slight_smile: It helps us forecasting scaling and preventing service interruption.

You would also take a dependency on our infra preventing breaking changes on our side and so on which is a lot risky depending on your SLA requirements.

Let me add @Deltakosh to see what he thinks

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Agree with @sebavan

This is not a feature we support unfortunately. The CORS limitation is to ensure we are not getting hacked on that data is pushed outside of our sites

The main reason is to get the cost of operating our snippet server under control.

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Oh that makes very much sense!
I will figure another way to do this

Thanks :slight_smile:

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