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Hello BJS Community!
I’m very new to babylon JS and I was just watching a vid about the new GUI and I saw how you can save to a snippet server and load from there. This has completly blown my mind - I’m still coming to terms with how I can make use of this cool feature. But, as my mind starts to drift away with ideas, the back of my mind has been concerned with how persistant these snippets would be. So, my question is how long do my snippets stay on the server and how reliable are they to be accessable.


Welcome to the community! :smile:
@RaananW is the wonderful person who takes care of the snippet server so he can talk all about it! We don’t delete anything on the snippet server (so don’t save any private information there!), but we do recommend people don’t use it for production apps, as we can’t guarantee the server will be up with 100% reliability. We have a section on the documentation explaining how you can host your own snippet server here: Make your own Snippet Server | Babylon.js Documentation (

Saying that, you’re free to use the snippets as much as you like for learning and experimentation! We won’t be deleting them. :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks, I did see the bit about creating your own snippet server - just my mind is not ready for that yet, lol!
Thanks for getting back, with some very helpful information.

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Also you could download the JSON files locally once you are done developing to deploy in prod so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, dev with our snippets, deploy with your local assets.


Heck of an idear! Thank-you kindly!