Scale the model to scale uv

Need to achieve an effect, if the model scaling is 1, uv repeats 1, if the model scaling is 5, uv repeats 5 times, scale uv according to the scaling of the model

do I understand correctly that you want to put a listener on changes in the scaling vector? or are you asking how to do that manually?

The material used is the node material, assuming that the model has a line of 1, the material displays a segment, if the line length is 5, it displays 5 segments
Specifically, Uv can be calculated in detail instead of modifying a certain attribute of the node material

I am totally lost.

What is the issue setting the uv coordinates according to the mesh’s scale?

Want to show a playground that doesn’t work?

Same as @RaananW, cannot see the problem here. If you don’t want to implement in your node material, you can still have a function on scaling that changes the uScale and vScale (and -Offset) of any textureBlock. Or may be we didn’t understand question? I guess a PG would be nice…