Scene.pick only main camera with multiple camera

sorry for my english skill
I made direction arrow that using multiple camera and radius independent with main camera like google street view (See pg link line 1-167).

and I made shoot decals using scene.pick

problem: When I shoot the decal, It seems pick only using second camera not main camera.
if I change active camera to main camera, direction arrow hide behind mesh.
i used layermask, isPickable = false, scene.pick(using main camera) but not work.

How can I scene.pick main camera and keep direction arrow top of meshes ?

here’s pg link:

I will look into it ASAP.

Here is a simpler repro if somebody else wants to give it a shot as well:

If both cam are used, the decal arrives on the opposite side. If only one cam is used it works fine, still digging into it.

Hi guys. Reverse the order of the activeCameras push, and things change. Like this - lines 23/24.

Not sure if pertinent/apropos. :slight_smile: I am STILL seeing intermittent “decal oddness”… still clicking and thinking. Sometimes a click near an edge… appears on a SIDE of the box, too. But only SOMETIMES. hmm.

Angle-relationship… of camera-to-clicked-box-side… has affect.

The issue is linked to the camera being passed instead of fastcheck in the pick method…

Would be amazing to try to create smaller repros as it usually highlights the issue on its own :slight_smile:

And apply to the original pg:

Thank you! It solved!