scene.stopAnimation() not working

scene.stopAnimation(target) works
scene.stopAnimation(target,animation-name) does not work


scene.stopAnimation takes the name of an animation, not the name of a range you created with skeleton.createAnimationRange.

If you want to stop all animations corresponding to the range “walk”, you will have to stop all 29 animations by name. For eg, one of them is called “skeleton:mixamorig:hips:animation”, so to stop it, do scene.stopAnimation(skeleton,"skeleton:mixamorig:hips:animation");

I guess you would need a skeleton.stopAnimation to stop all animations at once but this method does not exist… Maybe that would be nice to add it? Or maybe there’s another simple way to do it, but I don’t know enough about the animation system to know.


Ok. That makes sense.
I guess I could use the animatable returned by scene.beginAnimation() to stop just that animation.