Screenshot of the specified model group

Need help with a tricky problem!
Create a general camera to present the front view effect to the bounding box of the model group and take a screenshot of the model group

I think a repro in the playground will help us understand exactly what your problem is, as your description is a bit vague.

Thank you for your timely response to my question, I am actively doing an online case. Case address:
When the aspect ratio of the canvas is uncertain, the boxParent and its child nodes can be taken as a complete screenshot, only including the model, and no blank space around it.
Thank you very much if you can solve this problem!

Here’s one way to do it:

You simply need to set the ortho volume of the camera with the bounding box dimensions of the scene.

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The example I provided does side view and saves screenshots.
In fact, what I need is a screenshot of the top view. I have already made an example of the top view. The case address:

The screenshot needs to pay attention to: when the aspect ratio of the canvas is uncertain, you can take the boxParent and its child nodes as a complete screenshot, which only contains the model, and there is no blank space around it.

According to your plan under the premise of the top view, there is a problem with the screenshot, I hope you can help me if you have time, thank you!

The case address has solved my problem.