Select vertex of a mesh, snapping to it

I would like to select a point in a mesh, but just if it’s a vertex of the mesh. So I would like to move the mouse over the mesh and, if the pointer of the mouse is “near” a vertex, snap the mouse position over the vertex to help the user selecting the right point. Do you have any suggestion about it?

Thank you


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Hey Toni,

I’ve done something similar to this before to highlight faces when the cursor moves, similar to a 3d modeling program.

What you can do is cast a ray when the mouse moves, if that ray hits a mesh, get the faceId - from the faceId you can get the 3 vertices that make up that “face” by accessing the meshes vertex data.

Then convert those 3 vertices to screen space → calculate the distance between the cursor and the vertices and see if they within your desired distance.

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Here’s a great playground from the old forum that looks helpful. It adds a little sphere at the vertex position when the cursor is near a vertex. :face_with_monocle: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you guys, you rock!

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