Set gazeTrackerMesh on chrome


Setting gazeTrackerMesh generate <TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_gazeTracker’ of undefined> on chrome (on ubuntu/windows/mac).

To reproduce:
vrHelper.gazeTrackerMesh = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox(‘vrControls’, 1, scene);

While I am sure others could answer better, createDefaultVRExperience(), is probably not a good idea any more, since VR has been made obsolete by XR. Different browsers may scrap VR in different ways. Think you are trying to fight gravity sticking with VR.

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Pinging @RaananW

The VR gaze tracker is not compatible with XR and doesn’t work correctly when using the VR experience helper, as WebVR was deprecated and removed (!) from many browsers.
My recommendation to you is - use WebXR instead. it has all of the features you had in WebVR and more

The caniuse for XR scared me a little (enabling a flag is not an option for our usecase). But I’ll try it out
. Thank you for the advice.

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The caniuse for WebVR scares me more :wink:

Let us know if there is anything we can help with