Set Pivot indepenendtly from Alignment in GUI


It would be good if we could set the Pivot of an Rectangle, Image etc independently from the Alignment.

So I could for example align the lower right border of my Element to the Top Left Border of it’s parent.

Maybe I overlooked something but i was not able to do something like that.

My workaround for now is to have a parent with size 0 to align at. But that creates some rendering glitches when disabling it.

Unity has a implementation like that on their UI Elements.


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I’m not familiar with Unity’s implementation, could you tell more about it so I can have a better idea of the feature?


The idea is that you can set a pivot in your Element (they actually aready have one but it is only used for the transfroms). and this pivot is used to calculate the offset from the parent like it is done now depending on the horizontal/verticalAlignment settings.
Right now the Pivot is set to the same value as the Alignment. Meaning when the verticalAlignment is set to top the offset to the parent is calculated from the top of the elment and when the aligment is set to bottom the offset is calculated from the bottom of the element to the bottom of the parent. This should be a setting that can be set independently.

If this is an image as it is now caculated when set to top/left horizontalAlignment

this would be the same thing with the pivot set to the bottom right corner of the element

Or to the center of the element:

I hope this makes sense.