Set transform on mesh and view in inspector

I want to set a matrix to a imported mesh. I don’t get my matrix to work and found myself wanting to debug in the inspector. But the Transform view does not seem to update if a mesh has its matrix applied.

I have copied from a playground I found here on how to set the matrix. When I select “inspector”, the mesh and then the transform is basically 1 for scale x,y,z but it should be, should it?

Yup cause transforms in this case could be way more than TRS only if you are sure it is you can rely on Matrix.decompose instead :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity what more can it be?

I get the matrix from an external source so that is why I want to conviently just apply it to my mesh.

But, I will try with the decompose. I even think I have left handed /right handed coordinate system problem

There is no problem in applying it, just the inspector convenience :slight_smile:

There could be shearing, projection and all sorts of things which would not make sense in 3d :slight_smile: