Setting up environment with babylon native VS code

Hey does anyone know how to set up the environment so that I can run babylonjs on vs code and view it on localhost. I am unable to get Babylon native to run locally on VS code.

cc @bghgary / @docEdub / @Cedric / @srzerbetto

Hi @ajaynischal , how are you doing?

In your question you mentioned localhost and Babylon Native. Those are two different things. Babylon Native is used to create a native application that run javascript code that can consume babylon.js. Running babylon.js in localhost is just a matter of configuring a local web project that uses babylon.js. Which one are you trying to do?

HI @srzerbetto, Thanks for your response. I am currently trying to create a webapp where babylon.js is the driver behind it. I will need to go further and create a VR application and that’s where the confusion comes in as I am not sure what I would require to take that webapp and create an android application from it using the same code. Please let me know if this is possible.

You can create an Android application without using Babylon Native, by using something like Ionic :slight_smile: You can see an example of the construction of such an application here: Playground to Production - Fruit Fallin’ | Babylon.js Documentation (


Hello @ajaynischal just checking in if you still have questions?