Shadows looks like stripes

When I create shadows using ShadowGenerator , on a flat surface, i get stripes along with shadows.I happens only on android mobile devices…
can you please suggest.?

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Hi @niaz_huq and welcome to the community!

It’s hard to say without seeing an example of the problem. Are you able to create a simple example in the playground so we can see what’s happening and offer suggestions?

“Stripes” are commonly seen in real-time shadows if there’s no filtering, so you could experiment with the different types of filtering options. You may also need to increase the resolution of the shadows and/or tighten the frustum so that only the shadow casters and receivers are contained within it.


It might be shadow acne, I just ran into this, you can reduce it’s effect by changing the shadow generator bias:

For example:

shadowGenerator.bias = 0.01;