Shadows on instanced meshes from GLB

Hi all -
I thought i had instanced mesh shadows all down pat, but running into something i dont understand. It seems that the shadows from the original glb remain after its removal (or perhaps they’re the shadows from the first instance that aren’t updating as the mesh moves)? Is there a toggle i’m not toggling?

Also, curious why this PG is throwing errors when trying to access position of a mesh… And failing to set the position of a sub-mesh within the glb. That doesn’t seem to happen in my app but it’s happening in the PG

The reason should be that the resources in the container are not directly loaded into the scene.

position error from setInterval not cleared.


You’re amazing!
I thought I read somewhere that you needed to add the shadows in the container in order for them to populate through. Clearly wrong. Thx so much.

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