ShangShou Treasure 3D Episode 2

Hello, everyone,

Episode 2 of ShangShou Treasure 3D is here!

ShangShou (/ʃaŋˈʃəʊ/, meaning “Hands-On” in Chinese) Culture is an Oriental lifestyle product and service provider based in Beijing.

We are trying something very different from episode 1, which is very mininalistic and abstract. Episode 2 is rather atmospheric and organic.

Photogrammetry for the 3 incense items and the Taihu stone in the middle.

Simple sprite for the incense smoke.

Hope you enjoy this little island of fragrance!

Any comments, critics, suggestions and questions will be very much appreciated. :grinning:

We will upgrade to engine 4.0 and add a homepage to navigate the episodes next time. Stay tuned, my friends!


Portal to episode 1


Ideas for your next project: Objects with more details.


Thanks a lot for the reference, Necips.
Very impressive scans.

Please add it to the demo section:)
this is beautiful!

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Very nice! Love your UI.

As the grass seems not using tiling uv, 'could be cool to have an alpha gradient at the edge of the mesh.

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Hi @Deltakosh,
ShangShou episode 1 is already on the demo page.
We will add a navigation / home page starting from episode 3.
There will be many episodes in the future, so I think one slot on the demo page is enough. :grinning:

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Hi @Vinc3r,
Thanks for your suggestion!
You are right. In retrospect, the edge between the sand and the grass do seem a bit stiff / abrupt.

Great work again. I really like the general mood and all the UI stuff. :metal:

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Thanks @Crotmoul for your kind words.
Cheers :metal: