Looking for sample corporate Babylon.JS projects

Have you or your company created a sample business/corporate project using Babylon.JS?

My students are asking for samples of where Babylon is being used on websites or in business. Please share the URL!

Hi @drburton

I am developing a project of e-learning tools based in BJS framework, and in fact I am looking for partnership with stackholders which works on this area. You can see it in https://www.edtechmed.com and direct access the simulation through http://iprojects.space/bronchoscopy

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Many of my company projects are still not publics, but here the ones I could put on the babylonjs.com homepage:

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Hello @drburton

This is a recent project I have made for an oriental life style service provider, showcasing real-world merchandises:
It can also be found on the babylonjs.com homepage.

Please note that the E-commerse parts have been reducted in the demo version.

By the way, @Vinc3r, your Apartment Configurator project is very cool and really inspired me. Thanks for sharing it.

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We are trying to fix it. For the time being, please visit via:
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Thanks! Byt the way most of my teamates now have an account here, so I quote them too: @Crotmoul (cg artist) @devAxeon (dev) & @sharp (dev) :call_me_hand:t6:

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Hi guys,

I am really fan of your ShangShou3D scene @hcmetal. Some great work here.

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Thanks guys, you are being very generous.
More will come in the near future.

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The projects we are working on are all private.
The only public thing I was able to do is a video that we have on our website for one part of the application we do.
It’s available here Cynaptek · AbbVie - Vision It


I don’t know if this fits, but we made a contest website for Porsche / CSR Racing 2.

We had to make a zoomable 3d earth map that showed user submissions, it was pretty fun !


Woot! this is cool! you should definitely add it on our homepage by sending a PR here:

Done ! :slight_smile: