Showing the scene after the scene renders everything

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Hello folks,

So I have a 3d Model sitting in a S3 Bucket which has no textures at all, the textures are on a S3 bucket.

So when I fetch the model using AppendAsync, after retrieving this model I am applying the textures to it that are coming from the S3 bucket.

Where would be the best place to put this logic in for example I am having all this logic inside the onSceneReady function. Which I understood it runs after the scene is ready to render stuff.

But my problem is that sometimes the babylon js loader is being removed while the textures are still being rendered. How can I wait that all textures are loaded and rendered then show the user the scene.

Thank you in advance !

What do you mean by the loader being “removed”? The textures also have an isReady method.

Also as the template for questions mentions (straight screen cap from your post :slight_smile: )

This would help us a lot