Side item screen

How can I design right panel screens like this photo? Is there a ready sample? I request your help.

The question is a bit ‘vague’. Do you mean the top right small panel? I believe you mean the interactions, not the layout/design. I don’t think there is a ‘component’ with all built-in interactions in BJS? I believe all have been created custom but may be I’m wrong. Will see who eventually answers to your request.
Else, it’s actually not all that complex to create either using an html overlay or the BJS GUI.
May be you could be a bit more precise about what you are looking for and the help you need?
Thx and meanwhile, have a great day,

I don’t mean the small screen. I mean the screen where the items are listed, which is the big one on the right. I searched for a template prepared in this way on the Internet, but could not find it. I’m not very successful either. I’ve done it over and over and deleted it. How can I get the same or similar to the big panel on the right?

The other right in this case :wink: The one that’s on the left when looking at the screen from the northern hemisphere, yes? :grinning:
Anyways, doesn’t really matter. Point is you would need to start by making a tech, design and management choice for your UI. With BJS, you have a number of solutions. The two that best apply here are:

  1. The HTML GUI linked to the scene and displayed as an overlay
  2. The BJS 2D GUI, fully integrated but a bit different from html/css

You could start with quickly browsing through this section of the doc

Once you have decided on your choice of GUI/method, you’ll find a number of examples, projects/demos/PGs and people able to help you out with a particular topic. Personally, I’m an adept of the BJS 2D GUI. I believe the example you are showing can all be achieved using the BJS 2D GUI.
Unfortunately, I don’t think there are actual templates for this but there are other tools such as the all new GUI Editor that can help you quickly bring up your very own version UI.
If you want to learn more on how to build a UI using the BJS GUI, aside from the (very well done and comprehensive doc), I have also started creating a tutorial and I (among others) can guide you through the first steps to create this GUI.
Just start by making your choice on the type of UI you want to use and next come back here. Some people might even be willing to share the code for a similar layout (I already have a number of examples bookmarked). Else, even creating it from scratch is far from unachievable. It would however require some effort to learn how to do it (I mean more than simply using an existing template).

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Thank you very much for your help and advice. I will try to create the screen I want in canvas using HTML. I would like to use BJS, but it takes time to master it and none of us have the time :). If I get a good result or need help, for sure I will share the source code here for people to use.


Thanks a lot in advance. We are fond of this kind of collab and offering and as you may have noticed, we would also need that (more templates, more case studies). Meanwhile, have a great weekend :sunglasses: :sun_with_face:


Thank you. I love this community and will do my best. Good work :).