Simultaneously moving mouse and then pressing alt left is behaving weird

Hi there,

I think I may have have found a small bug, quick PG to illustrate what I mean:

To reproduce:

  1. click the left button on the mouse
  2. while left clicked, start moving the camera
  3. at the same press the alt button, and your camera will stop moving?

No other keys will do that behaviour.

Is this normal? I could just be tired and missing something obvious


I don’t reproduce this behavior (Chrome / Firefox)?

I’m using latest chrome (no extensions) and latest windows.

When I press Alt Left, i just realize I can see the the three dots on the top right corner of chrome being highlighted


Oh, right, you have to release the ALT key, not hold it down!

So I can reproduce, but it’s a bit expected (?), because as you say, pressing the key gives focus to the hamburger menu, so the rendering area is no longer focused.

Agreed, I did want to use ALT LEFT to display the labels of the items on the ground, but I will have to find another way :slight_smile:

Actually, you can call preventDefault on the event to cancel the default behavior: