SixDofDragBehavior control moving direction

I have a need to use SixDofDragBehavior to control whether to move back and forth, left and right, or up and down, similar to dragAxis. I see that there are no relevant parameters to set in the source code. I am looking for help to solve the problem.

You want to move on one axis at a time only? It’s preferably to use PointerDragBehavior then PointerDragBehavior | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thanks for answering my question.
I made an example that when dragging the child node will affect the parent object, which is not what I need.
The model made with blender contains complex multi-layer nodes, and using PointerDragBehavior for the last layer nodes does not take effect.

For the problem I raised above, I found the corresponding solution

gizmoManager.attachableMeshes = [sphere];