SkeletonViewer Bug?

Hi all!

SkeletonViewer doesn’t work well in the latest version (^5.0.0-beta.11).
I used the same codes that I used before(^5.0.0-alpha.61), and it worked well.

Is it a bug or are there any changes to handle between two versions?

Here is a playground:

Probably related to the latest changes on skinned meshes @bghgary could you have a look ?

You’re passing meshes[0], the root, but it’s meshes[1] that has the skeleton applied to it. I just made that change to use meshes[1] below and it’s working now. IDK if it’s still supposed to work passing the root mesh thou, like it used too…

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Yes, passing in the root mesh is technically incorrect usage. The mesh you are supposed to pass in is the mesh associated with the skeleton. It happens to look right because the skeleton included the root mesh transform in the old way. Maybe we should add a check or a warning for this.


Is this on me or do you have it handled?

Has this always been happening or is this a regression?

No, it’s not on you.

This is caused by my changes. I don’t think we should consider it a regression since the usage is incorrect.

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Thanks, community!

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