Slider move when you press the Play button

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How to make the slider move when you press the Play button?
How it is done in the Inspector panel ( when playing an GroupAnimation.

For the button I use the following code:

playButton.onPointerClickObservable.add(function (value) {
animationGroup.loopAnimation = false;;

For slider:

slider.onValueChangedObservable.add(function (value) {

          header.text = "Current frame: " + ((value * 24) | 0);


            .start(false, 1, value, value)


In this case, the slider is not associated with the button.

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You should provide a repro in the Playground (, it will be easier for people to help.

@Evgeni_Popov thanks for the answer ))

I want to get it like in the picture:

Here’s what the inspector is doing:

So, in your case, you could do something like:


@Evgeni_Popov super, thank you very much ))