Slime Simulation WebGPU example not working

I am having trouble running one of the compute shader webgpu examples for the slime mold. Before, I was able to run it without any problems. Sometimes google canary was down or something and I noticed all the webgpu examples could not run. But recently, I could not open the slime mold example. It opens everything and the UI without giving any error in the playground, but just not showing the simulation and anything.

It’s just not running but the other compute shader examples can run. Does anyone have the same issue, and if yes, do you know what causes it? Anything in the code changed or? I am starting research based on this specific example, and it’s crucial for me to have this working.


I would highly appreciate it if anyone could help me with that.

Hey and welcome!! cc @Evgeni_Popov our WebGPU master

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Hi, thank you so much for letting me know.

Here’s the fixed PG:

Others compute shader samples have been fixed:

A warning:

The WebGPU spec is not finalized yet, it can/will still evolve before v1 is out and some things can break in the meantime. You should not rely on WebGPU being ready yet for production use.


Thank you so much.
Just if it happens again, is it something that I can do myself, or do you need to change and update it from the git? Because I noticed you just changed an id number.

It depends on how the spec evolved. In this case, the “write” modifier was not valid anymore for storage buffers and it had to be changed to “read_write” instead. That’s why I updated the playground(s) and saved the new id into the doc page.

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