Slow mo and pause

Hello World, is it possible for me to make a slow motion scene in babylonjs without physics engine and also pause the game too, thanks

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I am pretty sure @Cedric might have some tricks to fake slow mo in physics.

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Yes, it’s possible to tweak time.

setTimeStep will tell the physics engine to use a particular value instead of time reported by the engine.
A value of 0 will stop physics.
Beware! Physics resolution is dependant of time. Collision response for example is highly dependant. So, the simulation will not be the same.


Sorry, Wrong question,I mean WITHOUT physics engine

We do not have a built in way of doing this, the experience itself would have to take it into account :frowning:

Maybe messing around with the speedRatio property on animations? Scene | Babylon.js Documentation
Setting it to a value lower than 1 will make the animation run slower.

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