Slow when playing 360 videos

I am using babylon.js to build 360 video player. This player plays six 360 videos at the same time, and size of each 360 video is about 2 GB. This player is hosted on my remote server which I can access using an URL. The problem is the local browser becoming extremely slow when loading and playing these 360 videos. CPU utilization of my local computer is around 100%, and memory usage is also around 80%. However, the CPU utilization and memory usage of my remote server is not high. I am wondering what is causing such problem and is there any method to solve this problem? I know compressing videos or segmenting videos are solutions, but I am curious about whether I can solve this problem by using some code to optimize the babylon.js video player.
Thanks in advance!

Hi yuxin,

First of all, welcome to Babylon!

If you’re running into performance problems, you can use Chrome’s developer tools to analyze runtime performance and determine what’s causing the slowdown. Another thing you could try is reducing the heaviness of the use case in a predictable way (like dropping to 3 videos instead of 6) and seeing what effect that has on your performance.

With that said, the use case you’re describing sounds…extreme. I’m not sure I understand what one would do with six 360 videos; isn’t it impossible to see more than one at a time? It’s possible the some of it might be improved by Babylon optimizations—the performance profiling will help discover what, if any, gains are to be had there—but bringing down, decoding, and displaying six high-resolution videos at the same time is likely to be a compute-heavy task under the best of circumstances. Good luck!

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Thanks! Displaying several videos at the same time is required by the project PIs. I will compress these videos and use a computer with better performance to play those videos.