Small quest about engine.activeRenderLoops


In Type Script headers BABYLON 4.2. Engine.activeRenderLoops not present. It depricated accessor?

If ‘yes’ could you explain how correct get render loops list for engine in further?

Thank you!

Should be there! We haven’t removed it. It is a part of the engine itself and not the engine class, if that helps:

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Thank you!

Probably getter just missed in d.ts for 4.2. Ater npm installation this accessor not present.

Anyway, thank you for help. Important that it wont disappear in 5 :slight_smile:

Actually, engine.activeRenderLoops is new in 5.0.

In 4.2 you didn’t have access to this list: there’s a _activeRenderLoops property but it is private. In 5.0, we made an accessor for this property.


Now all set in their places ) Thanks!