Smooth Hermite Interpolation For Networking

So i have been working on smooth multiplayer movement (with not much luck). Basically what i a was able to come up with is based on Snapshot Buffered Interpolation. That is supposed to be the secret behind smooth movement. Basically you play the network interpolation timeline a bit behind. There is an extension to help with that: Babylon Buffered Interpolation | Babylon.js Documentation

But there real secret to smooth movement is Hermite Interpolation

A guy named Glenn Fiedler wrote an article about snapshot interpolation (GDC 2015 CODE EXAMPLE) it explains the theory really well: Snapshot Interpolation | Gaffer On Games

But it does not look like the guys who make FRAME is using hermite interpolation… it looks to me like they are still using LERP because even in the main project… networked entity movement is still a little choppy.

So am asking (begging) for help from someone who actually made networked game before.
I have tried (what seems like) all the different techniques (the way UNET, Mirror and Photon handles Network Transforms) using client authority movement that send the position update from the client to the server to be broadcast to all other connected users. But to no avail… its still always a bit choppy when actually going across the internet (i have a basic version of hermite that works on when on the LAN when there is no latency or packet loss). So my issues HAVE to be in how i am encoded the velocity that is sent up to the server and how the remote clients SCALE that velocity to use in the hermite interpolation

I have tried the few demos: Looking for help with smooth multiplayer interpolated movement - #17 by MackeyK24

But none of these have real network latency and packet loss… its basically FAKING the network part… But faked networked latency is NOWHERE like real latency and packet loss you get over the network from Hawaii to Virginia (like me)

So i need someone to help me work on this. I am able to pay for your time and efforts.

ANYONE (Who knows this stuff) PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:

Take a look at FRAME

Hi MackeyK24,

I’ve not specifically made a smoothness-focused multiplayer or copresence experience, so I don’t think I have the specific experience you’re requesting. As a possible resource (if you haven’t already looked at it), you might check out nenji.js, which I believe is made by @timetocode. I haven’t used it myself yet, but I’m very likely to at some point; and if you look at some of the games it’s powering, the network-driven elements (in the case of the puzzle game, the cursors) seem to move very smoothly, at least for me. Might be interesting if nothing else. Best of luck!