Snake and ladder Board Mini Game(WIP)

I am trying to recreate my childhood board game of Snake and Ladder in 3D world

This board game has number from 1-100 printed in boxes. Players put their pawn at 1st box and their goal was to reach 100 by throwing dice. Each player get chance to throw dice alternatively. Player will move their pawn based on what number they got on the dice. One who reach 100 first wins.

To make things interesting there were ladders between 2 random numbers and Snakes Between 2 numbers. If player reach a number with ladder’s bottom then he can climb the ladder to where it leads. But if player reach Snake’s head then he will need to go down to the number where Snake’s tail is.

The game looked like this:

This is what I have made so far. I need to add Snakes and Ladders. But I am thinking of adding portals.

You can click on dice to throw it or you can use the button at bottom to throw dice.



Hey this is neat!!

Pinging @PirateJC

huh… I never thought about it like a stacked climb like that.

This is gonna bed up being pretty cool!

Awesome! Another fantastic one @HiteshSahu