Quantus (3D Puzzle Serious Mini Game)

Hi all. I have finished a first version of my new mini web game called Quantus :game_die:

How to play
You can play this 3D puzzle game Quantus instantly right from my personal website (under menu bar item ‘Apps’).

Works with keyboard arrow keys, mouse/touch or (XBox) gamepad (yes, for some reason these game controllers also linger around in many offices nowadays). :keyboard::computer_mouse::video_game::joystick:

During these summer holidays I took some time to update my personal (resume) website. And then I suddenly got the idea to incorporate elements of my otherwise quite static website into a fancy interactive mini game. I find it also a great exercise to try out different (smaller) game type than my other major train simulation action game. Now let’s hope that recruiters and head hunters don’t get too addicted to playing Quantus and then forget to call me :phone::chart_with_downwards_trend:

Current state of development
Quantus currently features about 7 puzzles/levels (took 2 sprints). Most of the primary game logic works, and there are lots of improvements to do for sure and crazy ideas for new puzzles etc. But I wanted to showcase my mini game Quantus already to conform to the agile/scrum culture that is followed by most of my corporate clients anyways. :office::building_construction:

If you have any feedback or experience you want to share with me after giving this mini game a short try yourself, feel free to PM me or reply to this post.

Even a complete beginner to gaming should be able to get started with playing Quantus, as the target audience is mostly business people using office type devices. :man_office_worker::woman_office_worker:




This is fun. One thing havaing canvas pointer lock will make the game play easier because I had to hold the left click to rotate camera.

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Kind of cool moving around and using the keys.

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